I am a landscape architect, urban planner, and graduate student from Maryland. RIght now I am working for VHB, a engineering, design, and planning firm located in Tysons Corner, VA. My work right now includes transportation planning, site planning and design, and some other stuff. I got my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Maryland in 2010, and became a Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) in the State of Maryland in 2014. I'm currently attending Georgetown University, studying Urban and Regional Planning in Washington DC. I hope to leverage my previous experiences as a landscape architect in the world of planning and thinking about public space. I have a lot of experience in digital drafting and mapping, and previously taught in both the graduate and undergraduate programs of Landscape Architecture at the University of Maryland. Prior to VHB, I worked as a Landscape Architect with Ayers Saint Gross,  Community Design Specialist with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and as an Environmental Planner with the Low Impact Development Center. 


When I am not obsessing over urban design, public space, and placemaking, I like to take pictures of things and post them on my Instagram account. #basic. I am an avid infrequent runner, and love to explore the outdoors, though I rarely get off the East Coast.