Proposed Wildlife Boardwalk

Wetland Site Plan

Project Description

The Neosho Green Infrastructure Guidebook was a project administered under contract with Tetra Tech and EPA to provide Green Infrastructure technical assistance to various communities throughout the nation. The Neosho project included code revisions and planning approaches for the integration of Green Infrastructure into community development. The project included the development of master plans, standards, and design concepts. 

Boardwalk / Stream Crossing Section

Highlighted here, are two project sites along the Neosho River, one located adjacent to a large regional park that integrated green infrastructure practices along an extension of a nature trail that included water access, birdwatching pavilions, and wetland remediation sites. 

High School Stream Remediation

Student Parking Lot Improvement Section

The second, traverses a small stream that runs behind the high school and athletic fields. The site of major stream bank erosion, the parking lot and other porous areas are pulled back from the stream edge to allow for a vegetated filter strip to slow and capture stormwater before making its way to the stream. The high school is proposed to be retrofitted with a green roof to further reduce the stormwater impacts, while street trees and other plantings are placed to aid in further retention within the parking lots.